Touch of the Younger Kind 9 (2022)


Touch of the Younger Kind 9
Studio: Crave Media

Alex, a hottie from California, looked so young she had our producer triple checking her ID, but once her clothes came off, she proves she knew exactly what to do with a dick and looked even hotter with a load left on her ass cheeks! Bonnie was understandably nervous before her first porn shoot, but as her clothes came off she became more comfortable; so comfortable in fact, that she happily slurped up our stud’s warm load! Aurora confesses that after losing her virginity she became addicted to sex which is one of the main reasons she chose porn as her career path; watching her pounce on a dick is treat but she definitely prefers getting her pussy pounded. Stacey is all about new experiences and fucking on camera is about exploring the depths of the sexual arts for her; well, after watching her suck dick and taking it doggie-style, we’re sure it won’t be long before she can call herself a true artist!

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