[SeeHimFuck] Brookie Blair (The Nameless Him / 10.01.2022)


[SeeHimFuck] Brookie Blair (The Nameless Him / 10.01.2022)
2022-09-30: We here at See H?️M Fuck have a strange update for all of you today, as our HIM chose a professional name with a word in it that you can’t use WHATSOEVER in the adult entertainment biz, hence the title of today’s scene. I do know we paired HIM up with juicy newbie Brookie Blair for this Hurricane Ian delayed update. As it’s almost 9PM on a Friday & I’m still working, I’ll leave it there & write up a proper emoji-ladened description sometime on Saturday. Yes, I, too, find it hard to believe that they let me get away with this kinda crap lol. At least I’m now using Grammarly!