Save Me Daddy! (2022)


Save Me Daddy!
Studio: MissaX

Tommy (Pistol) is walking down the hall when he hears his stepdaughter’s (Kylie Rocket) cell phone going off. He goes to check on as she has been getting mysterious calls. She suspects it may just be a college prank but also thinks someone might be spying on her. He offers to patrol the house, just in case someone is spying and then tucks his nervous stepdaughter in. The next morning finds Kylie in a much better mood as she apologizes for waking him up the night before. She changes in front of him as he tries to look away. She then leaves for the day and later that night she is masturbating in her room as Tommy watches from the hallway. He walks away as she gets a new text as she screams in horror. The message is a video of her masturbating! Kylie doesn’t realize that her stepfather finds her irresistible, so much so that he fantasizes about being with her even though he knows it’s wrong.

Kylie will in her stepfather’s bed for protection. They go to his room and she falls a as he soothes her. Tommy gets up to take off his clothes when Kylie is a, She wakes up and nearly has a panic attack thinking that he abandoned her. She hugs him to thank him and Tommy ends up becoming erect and apologies. They hear a sound and go to investigate as they suspect whoever s spying is in the house. She then starts to seduce him more as she is turned out that he was turned on, taking control as she pulls out his cock and starts to suck on it. Tommy then gets her on the bed and eats her out from behind before entering her in doggy. They spoon after this and after some more sucking from Kylie she climbs on top of him in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. She then finishes him off by taking his load inside her mouth.