[RoleModels] Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright (Out Of Her Comfort Zone / 08.21.2022)


[RoleModels] Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright (Out Of Her Comfort Zone / 08.21.2022)
Aiden Ashley is a newly-out lesbian who is fresh from a recent divorce. She decides to shake things up a little by learning a new skill: swimming- but when she arrives at the swimming lesson location… she gets second thoughts. Just as she’s about to make her way out, however, she is stopped by her new instructor, Whitney Wright, who asks her why she won’t give the swimming class a chance. Aiden hesitates a moment and then reveals that she feels self-conscious about her body. Aiden looks at Whitney’s bikini admiringly and says that if she wore something like that, she wouldn’t look sexy in the least bit. Whitney can’t help but disagree- she thinks that Aiden has an exquisite body, and would look sexy in ANYTHING that she wore. But Aiden isn’t only self-conscious about her body, she’s also worried that she’ll look stupid in the ugly bathing suit she brought. Whitney agrees that the bathing suit leaves much to be desired, but she’s determined to make Aiden feel like the goddess she truly is. She takes out a bikini and offers it to Aiden- it’s never been tried on and she always keeps extras just in case her students forget theirs. Aiden agrees and leaves to go get changed. As Aiden slips in her new red bikini inside the house, she shoots peeks at Whitney as she rubs suntan lotion on her arms and thighs outside by the pool. When Aiden comes out of the house, Whitney is in awe of how sexy she looks in the bikini. Aiden seems happier, and more confident about her body. She thanks Whitney, and explains that it’s been hard for her to feel beautiful these days- especially after her recent divorce. When Whitney shares that she’s a lesbian as well, and offers to introduce Aiden to her friends and the rest of the community if she would like. Aiden is heartwarmed- she would love that, and that’s actually one of the reasons she booked this swimming lesson: to get out of her comfort zone and meet new people. She’s happy that she did- Whitney’s taught her a whole lot already- she wonders what ELSE she can teach her. Whitney grins, mentioning that since she is SUPER early and the other swimmers won’t be arriving for a while, she COULD lead Aiden in a little pre-swim warm-up. Aiden agrees, and they have playful sex on the poolside where Aiden will demonstrate just how deep she is willing to dive into her new sexuality.


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