[MommysBoy] Chloe Cherry & Sheena Ryder – Family Intervention


[MommysBoy] Chloe Cherry And Sheena Ryder – Family Intervention

Ricky Spanish has a problem. His hormones are out of control and he finds himself masturbating with every chance he gets. No matter HOW MUCH he jerks off, he can’t seem to GET off, which only makes him desperately masturbate even MORE! Unfortunately for his step-sister, Chloe Cherry, and their step-mother, Sheena Ryder, that means that they catch him with his dick out more than they’d like… After Chloe walks in on Ricky in his bedroom with his door wide open and Sheena catches him in the bathtub, it’s time for a family intervention. They both love Ricky dearly but this has GOT to stop! They don’t know how much more they can take of always seeing him with his pants down around his ankles. They call a sheepish Ricky into the living room and confront him about how inappropriate he’s been lately. Ricky is majorly embarrassed, promising that he doesn’t mean to be a creep, but it’s just that he can’t find relief, no matter how hard he tries! He seems genuinely distraught, which leads to Chloe and Sheena pitying him. Maybe if they work together, they can help Ricky FINALLY climax so that they all can move on with their lives… Ricky is stunned as Sheena leads the way by getting down on her knees to blow him. Of course, it doesn’t take long for Chloe to join them either! With these two beautiful women crawling all over him, will Ricky finally be able to release all of that tension??

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