[LANewGirl] Bianca Bangs (Modeling Audition / 09.22.2022)


[LANewGirl] Bianca Bangs (Modeling Audition / 09.22.2022)
An amazing brunette saw our MODELS WANTED ad, and has decided to give it a shot. After the usual chit chat with our Producer, she proceeds to strike some poses. Wow, what a hottie! Poses after poses. She nails it. But our Producer gets aroused, soon she is placed with a hard cock right in front of her mouth. It’s not easy to resist a hard cock, isn’t it? Well, she wraps her lips around it, and pumps on it with her mouth – as if she is trying to make it shoot cum. But first, she wants to ride it and make herself cum – which she does… a few times. At the end, she asks our Producer if he could cum in her mouth… and swallow… AMAZING!