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The daughter’s friend, 19, comes over to practice Cheerleading – but soon finds out that the daughter is gone to a sewing glass. “But, no worries, why don’t you hang out?”, he says. So she does – and begins her streches in front of him – but he gets aroused and gets really hard, and our Teen girl is turned on by it. She wants to suck on it, but feels weird to ask. It’s a really nice hard cock, right in front of her face… she cannot resit – and puts it in her mouth… and pumps on it several times. She is so horny, she wants to cum on his cock – and soon drenches it – and squirts on it. At then end, he shoots cum inside her – and she pushes it out into a martini glass so she can swallow…OH WOW… MUST SEE!!


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