[JapanHDV] Naho Hazuki (Visits a client in his hotel room to spend the evening / 08.14.2022)


[JapanHDV] Naho Hazuki (Visits a client in his hotel room to spend the evening / 08.14.2022)
Naho Hazuki has come to visit a client in his hotel room. The client is a gentleman that is in town for business and is quite busy so does not have much time to go out and enjoy an evening out. It is more convenient to order a young lady from a service to come to visit him in his own hotel. He is anxiously awaiting a knock on his hotel door. He is very pleasantly surprised to find a lovely young lady there when he opens the door, Miss Naho Hazuki. She is a cutie with a happy smile and face. She comes in and they chat for a bit and he is obviously very excited about what is about to happen. She suggest that they shower together first and she reaches over to take off his clothes. Once they are in the shower she takes her time to clean him up and make him all clean all the while trying to relax him some. Naho has big fat juicy tits. They are amazing and are a perfect set of tits to watch as they sway back and forth as she takes her time scrubbing his body. She then leans over and takes his cock in her mouth. She takes her time to lick and suck on his cock and then stands up to lick his nipples while she jerks his cock. After getting him all clean she takes him into the room to lay on the bed and go back down on him. He is so turned on he rolls her over to slip down and bury his head in her lovely pussy.