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Teen Angeline Red Wants Daddy To Impregnate Her
19 year old Angeline Red stopped by to see the Face Fucking King. She tells us she’s here because she just got her IUD out and wants to get pregnant. I start by showing her body to the camera and slapping her tits. I put my cock all the way down her throat and hold it there. I slap her and put my fingers down her throat and tears are coming down her eyes. I fuck her face more and bend her over the couch and fuck her hard…
I switch to POV and have her deepthroat me and put her in a figure 4 and spit in her face. I finger her tight teen fuck hole and put my whole hand in her pussy past the knuckles. I pound her pussy hard again and flip her upside down and fuck her throat. I pick her up in the air and fuck her then have her bend over me on the couch and swallow my cock. I put her in a head lock then fuck her and barely pull out before creampie’ing her pussy. I take her to the bedroom for a 69. I fuck her pussy hard from behind then fuck her face while she’s on her knees on the bed. I put her on the frough up against the wall and fuck her face and spit on her. I blow my load all over her teen face. Angelina was a good girl for Daddy!


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