[GirlsWay] Kenna James, Madi Collins (Lucky Penny / 09.04.2022)


[GirlsWay] Kenna James, Madi Collins (Lucky Penny / 09.04.2022)
Kenna James loves her lucky penny. She keeps it in a little satchel, and the likes to think that it brings her good fortune wherever she goes. On this morning, in particular, Kenna will need her penny’s luck more than ever since she’s got a big meeting with her boss, Veronica Hart. She just KNOWS that she’ll get that big promotion she’s worked so hard for. When Kenna rolls out of bed, she picks up and rubs her lucky penny, wishing for luck and support on this big day that could change her life forever. When Kenna has her meeting with Veronica, however, she is devastated to find out that she is being fired instead of promoted. Veronica is apologetic- it’s nothing that Kenna did, but they had to make some cuts and unfortunately, Kenna is on the chopping block. She wishes her all the best of luck finding a new job and asks her to clean up her desk. Kenna takes it in stride and leaves the office with grace. She’s got a date with her girlfriend tonight and she’ll finally be able to wear these new heels that she’s been waiting to show off. Maybe this will be a good day after all. But just as she leaves the office, she gets a text from her girlfriend, who has decided to break up with her. Kenna can’t believe her eyes- can this day get ANY worse? When Kenna arrives home, she takes out her lucky penny and yells at it. It was supposed to bring her luck, not RUIN everything. This is ALL her lucky penny’s fault! In a fit of anger, she throws the penny out the front door, hoping never to see it again. Just as the slams the door, however, she hears a knock. Who could that be? She opens it to see a woman named Penny (Madi Collins) standing in the doorway. Kenna has no idea who she is, but Penny explains that she’s the human incarnation of her lucky penny. At first, Kenna doesn’t buy it but is soon convinced since Penny seems to know EVERYTHING that happened today, including specific events from Kenna’s past. Penny explains that Kenna has never truly needed her, she’s always created her own luck. Penny was just lucky enough to join along for the ride. Kenna is moved, and when Penny offers to cheer her up with a kiss, Kenna can’t resist going all the way with her good luck charm. They have playful, passionate sex together, giving Kenna a sweet ending to her whirlwind of a day.


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