[BlackMeatWhiteFeet] Reese Robbins (09.12.2022)


[BlackMeatWhiteFeet] Reese Robbins (09.12.2022)
When Reese hears from her best friend how she has dumped Lawson because she thinks he is a freak due to his foot fascination she pounces on the opportunity. Seems Reese loves her footsies played with. Sure it’s personal info she gathers as intel on her cock seeking mission but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. So Lawson comes over and gets to tell his pathetic tale of woe is me to the eager best friend of his former girlfriend. Poor sucker was dumped and his heart is hurting but when he eyeballs Reese’s perfectly pedicured and sexy little piggies he feels the blood in his pussy banger pumping. Soon he has those peds in his mouth and he is munching them like alligators in the bayou feeding on chicken meat. Rock hard and needing to fuck those feet he is soon rubbing his crotch rocket all over her toes. Her little hairy pussy is dripping out juices as the tingles are going deep into the backend of her snatch. Lots of footplay and foot sucking soon lead into his love rocket invading her fur patch and giving her some sweet pump action. It’s so much easier to cum when you are fuckng your best friends ex as Reese so obviously shows. Lawson is laying down some serious damage on her cunt box and also gives some serious footwork. When he cums using her feet his is happier than he has ever been in his young life. Now this is the type of girl he should have been with. A girl like Reese appreciates a perverted horny foot fucker like Lawson.